9/2/13; 13 days till departure.


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It’s been almost a month since I decided to undertake this journey in September.

The amount of support we’ve already received is extraordinary. We’ve met folks whose friends have biked across the USA, others whose nephew had walked it as a teen, and a middle-aged couple who are currently hiking the Appalachian Trail, headed north from GA to ME. We’ve seen waterfalls and sheer cliff faces, walked along the roads at night, and the beach in the day. My survival skills are being honed, and  the days are just flying by. Before we know it, it’s gonna be time for the Freedom Rally, which will mean it’s time to leave.

We’re still seeking a few small items, but everything being in the air as it is, I need to have faith that the universe will supply us with everything we need. It’s difficult to tie up loose ends when you can’t see them. In only 13 days, those stings will be glowing, they’ll be so visible. Everyone will join and with luck all these missing pieces are going to come together.

13 days.